about me

Welcome to rice and coffee, a blog about trying to figure out how to lead a simple, non-toxic life in this crazy, mixed-up world we call home!  My name is Emily Knutson, and I am a wife/choir director/soprano/sometimes-writer, who enjoys opera, spicy food, British T.V. shows, and long walks on the beach. I run and do yoga, which I claim is because I’m trying to be healthy, but really is because I love to eat, and would rather run ten miles than eat cardboard food.

In my spare time, I amuse myself by subjecting my husband to an endless litany of Pinterest D.I.Y.’s and CrockPot recipes, and trying not to kill my small but hardy collection of potted houseplants who have doggedly refused to die though I have forgotten to water them for weeks at a stretch.  I started blogging because my mother “thinks I’d be good at it.” I am secretly suspicious she is the only person who thinks this…

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